Thursday 4 February 2016

Brewing today... and tomorrow....

Today, despite a dodgy element in our hot liquor tank, we brewed "Who's been Sleeping in my Brain?", a golden, hoppy and fruity beer with Citra and Topaz hops which should come out at around 4.4% and be pretty damn delicious, or so we're hoping, with a big fruity characater and bitter, fruity, hop-oily finish.

It was, I think, our earliest finish ever, with the transfer complete by 1450, and we'd even finished the copper cleaning before sundown; a sure sign that spring is on it's way... and we're doing it all again tomorrow when we brew yet another hoppy beastie, this one called "God Complex" and containing Azacca, Zeus and Mosaic hops (see what we did there, clever eh?) and is a collaboration with "Space Cadet" from Bristol... should be interesting!

It's getting steamy in here!

Inside the very shiny copper

Hop pellet waste... smells lovely, looks rancid!

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