Tuesday, 16 February 2016

This week's happenings....

.... include picking up more kegs from the makers, buying kilos of coffee beans to add to our coffee porter "Wales Coming Down" (which is due to go into tank on Friday for a weeks' conditioning), washing casks, reassembling and waterproofing a hot liquor tank heating element, plus a myriad of other bits and pieces which make things so much fun!

This week we're brewing twice, yet again!  First up is an old Pixie Spring beer resurrected due to demand from the Hopbunker; "Deliverance" is an amber/golden colour with a low bitterness but a good level of fruity hoppiness atop the bready, crunchy malt body giving what is, for us, a rare balanced beer with malt and hops pretty much in equilibrium.

Next up is a return to normality in the form of "Corazon de Oro", or heart of gold, which is a pale, citrussy and bitter brew much more in the Hopcraft tradition; using the rare Czech Kazbek hop alongside fruity American Chinook, this is a rebrew (although to a slightly different - I say improved - recipe) of a recent beer which went so well the first time around we thought we'd do it again...

Next week will be a single brew only as Gazza is taking a short break to Poland in search of interesting craft beers (of which there are many!) but in traditional Hopcraft style we've not decided yet what to brew...  I'm sure we'll think of something before then!

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