Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Two brews a week!

... is what we're doing at present!   A fairly quiet January, as is customary, has suddenly burst into a mad-busy February which has taken us a bit by surprise, a fact our beer stocks testify to (as in, we have sod-all in the coldstore....)

So, a big brew of Golden Pixie today (which will also spawn two short-run beers) then a new coffee porter tomorrow, "Wales Coming Down", followed by two more (8 barrel) brews next week!  We've pencilled in a re-brew of "Corazon de Oro" which went down a storm first time around, plus the return of Pixie Spring "Deliverance" in it's first outing in over a year!  All dependent on hop supply, obviously...

The following week we're - maybe, orders permitting - down to one brew then we'll see how it goes, but with the Rugby on we're expecting a lot of throughput in the Hopbunker so maybe it'll mean even more brewing... ah well, such is life :)

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