Saturday, 16 March 2013

316 Stainless - ready for action!

Well, sort of... we've been cleaning all week and are happy to report that our copper is 95% ready for brewing and FVs 1 and 2 are as shiny as shiny things (3 and 4 still need cleaning, but that's the two big ones done...!)

We're still being promised gas next week and the guys are visiting to work out our hot-side stainless pipework so, once that's all done, we're getting very close indeed.

So, as is now traditional, here are the customary photos to show what we've been doing this week!

FV2 in all it's stainless splendour after a damn good scrubbing!
Gazza doing said scrubbing inside FV2...

The steps into the void... (inside the copper)
Gazza inside the copper.
And again, trying to get 20 years' worth of carbon off the bottom!
Tom's hard work on the copper shows - before (right) and after (left) nylon sanding!

And finally, our "waste hopper" in use!  This little contraption is used to dump the FVs into then it's wheeled across to the drain where the contents are disgorged!

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