Monday, 4 March 2013

Progress Update - 4th March.

Things have moved on a lot in the past couple of weeks and it's beginning to look like the finish line is in sight albeit obscured a bit by cleaning and British Gas!

So, here's what we have achieved recently...
  • We have jetwashed 75% of the vessels and floor with the remaining Conditioning Tanks and Mash Tun are in the queue for tomorrow,
  • The gas board have finally admitted we don't have a meter and are in process of setting us up so we can have one (they insisted we had a meter until an engineer came out and discovered the cap on the gas main was last touched 15 years ago),
  • The gas jets for the copper are ready to be installed as are the insulation chimney bricks,
  • Electrics are in process of being upgraded, 
  • We've bought two second-hand Lowara vertical pumps for the mash and wort streams,
  • The Plate Cooler has arrived,
  • We've done a pipework diagram for the hot side which we will take to Hereford this week to hopefully be made / sourced,
  • The drain is working a treat!,
  • A cold store container has been located,
  • We have the temperature control units and chiller units for FV cooling,
  • The cask washer is almost ready for testing,
  • Testbrewing has been a huge success with the beers getting good reviews all round.
I'm sure there is more but that'll do for today!  Hopefully this week will see yet more progress towards being able to brew and we'll keep you updated as frequently as possible.

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