Monday, 25 March 2013

The final push...

Work continues apace at Hopcraft towers with the lid for the copper being finished (well, apart from the hinges and handles), the steelwork being painted and hazard taped, the premasher amended to make it more efficient and various bits of stainless moved around to their final destinations to check it all fits where it should.

This week we hope to have finished the woodwork and maybe have the gas lines for the copper installed as well as, Bacchus permitting, the stainless pipework for the hotside underway.  Once that's done we really are on the home strait and so, that said, I'd better get to ordering the Saccharometers!

Here are the customary badly-posed photos you've come to expect...

The future conditioning room is tested out for size (and the tanks fit perfectly!)

Another view of the CTs and, far right, one of the CIP tanks.

Our stash of Weyermann speciality malts currently being used for the testbrews we're churning out.

The cask washer is almost ready for action.

The freshly-varnished lid on the copper with sprayball in situ.

Gazza busy (!) painting the uprights.

FV1 after yet another clean... 

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