Monday, 11 March 2013

Not far off now....

Last week saw progress in many areas of the brewery setup, including - 
  • We now have a working water main,
  • We cleaned out the Mash Tun and jetwashed it's filter plates,
  • All FV's were jetwashed and found to have immaculate stainless inside,
  • "Tom's shed" (the grain hopper) was completed,
  • The premasher has been finished apart from the hot liquor pipework,
  • Said hot liquor pipework has been designed,
  • Two Lowara pumps have been sourced,
  • The steelwork has finally been completed along with the handrails and kickboards,
  • Marine ply lids have been made for the Mash Tun and Copper.
We're still waiting on the gas board to supply a meter, but once that's done we have the gas burners ready to install under the copper.  We are off to get the pumps this week and also see a man about the "hot side" pipework and so, once these two things are done, we are almost in a position to brew!

So, the light at the tunnel's end is getting closer.... stay tuned for more developments this week!

Here are some photos from last week to illustrate what happened...

Gazza with the just-scrubbed and polished HLT.

The newly-made Malt Hopper, or Tom's Shed as it it's now called...

The freshly-jetwashed Fermenters drying out.

Our new mash hopper and sparklingly clean HLT.

Not bad for a 40 year-old tank, eh?  Fresh from it's jetwash, FV1 sparkles!  The paddles will be taken out and saved for possible future use in stronger beers when agitation of yeast is required.
Inside the Mash tun, once again immaculate Stainless 316!

The newly made Marine ply lid on the copper being varnished with FV1 and 2 behind.

Gazza with the newly-made premasher and Mash tun.

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  1. That’s a lot of accomplishment for a week. There are burners that can be difficult. Ours is an easy one. The maintenance is simple too. Its mixing component can be removed without needing to remove the burner from the boiler.

    Nohemi Tutterrow