Thursday, 13 February 2014

Beers this week

This week we have brewed a new pale session beer, "Chorister's Gold", which will be around 4.2% and hopped with Marynka (Poland), Admiral (UK) and Triskel (France) to give a soft, fruity beer ideal for a few pints.  This is a rework of an old Pixie Spring recipe which now bears little resemblance to the original!

Tomorrow we're crafting a new 4.5% or so golden brew with mainly south Pacific hops including Topaz (Australia) and Sticklebract (New Zealand); it doesn't have a name yet although "Cardboard box" is a possibility... or maybe not.

We're also transferring "Citraic" to conditioning tank and dry-hopping it, then casking up "Long Nines" and "Reign of Terroir" on Friday.

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