Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Busy week.

Not massively more than usual, but as we're off to London Thursday we have effectively lost a whole day so we're squeezing everything into three, plus there's some extra stuff happening too!

Today we

  • Brewed "Citraic", a 5.2%-ish pale and very hoppy,
  • Brewed a testbrew with Assam and Earl Grey tea,
  • Washed 50 casks,
  • Dispensed advice and hops/malt to a local homebrewer,
  • Did recipes for future beers,
  • Sold beer in London for Thursday,
  • And various other little jobs which all take time!
Tomorrow we'll mainly be...
  • Brewing another beer, not sure what yet but it's probably "Chorister's Gold"
  • Brewing another testbrew, this time a smoked black IPA (!)
  • transferring "Long Nines" to the whisky cask, keg, cask and conditioning tank,
  • transferring two other beers to conditioning tank,
  • Dry-hopping beers in the tanks,
And then Thursday, before we leave for London, we'll be casking up "Sucker Punch" and maybe "Bang Tidy edition 3" too...

It's all go here, which is great!

Going into all manner of containers tomorrow!

And this one only into cask and keg!

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