Thursday, 13 February 2014

The beer must get through...

And it did.  Just about...

We've just got back after a day driving in apocalyptical conditions with howling gales, floods, hail, driving rain and I'm sure I saw a few locusts too.

We started at our mates Brodies down in Leyton, east Laaardan, before a flying visit to Meantime brewery in Greenwich courtesy of more mates (AB stainless who were working there) then drops at the Southampton Arms, Highgate, Nag's Head, Reading and finally the Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage before hitting the M4 back to Wales.

We're brewing another new beer tomorrow with South Pacific hops including Topaz and Sticklebract, as well as transferring "Citraic" (which is smelling lush by the way) to conditioning tanks with a load of dry-hop pellets, then we'll be casking up "Long Nines" and "Reign of Terroir" on Friday as some are due out next week!

Don't forget we're at the lovely Nag's Head in Reading next Wednesday 19th for a "meet the brewer" evening; there will be at least a dozen beers on sale including some special one-off beers just for the event; see you all there, it'll be good!  The beers will start coming on during the day and we'll be there from around 6 to talk about the beers, the brewery and answering any questions...

The tenuous beer list is thus...
  1. The Beast 6.5% - golden, hoppy and a beast!
  2. The Boss 4.4% - golden, multi-layered hops and bitterness
  3. Pondicherry IPA - testbrew with Assam and Earl Grey tea
  4. Reign of Terroir 4.9% - pale with the elderflowery French hop Triskel
  5. Permanent Revolution 3.6% - Red "half" IPA, big for the strength!
  6. Hop Secret 4 4.1% - brewed with a brand-new English test hop
  7. Long Nines 6% - big bruiser of a stout
  8. Sucker Punch 4.3% - "soft" IPA, low bitterness, big hop finish
  9. Monky Business (whisky cask) 5.6% - our Belgian dubbel aged in a whisky barrel!
  10. Cruxshadow 4.9% - dark and smoky winter beer
  11. Black Nag - testbrew, a smoked black IPA!
  12. Simcoe Plus 5.4% - very pale, clementine marmalade flavours!
Plus maybe a few more bits and bobs.....

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