Monday, 17 February 2014

I am the one and only...

.... cask of Hop Secret 4! I've been made as a special experiment using a new, untested and as yet unnamed British hop which is hoped can, after brewing trials such as this, make the British hop industry more competitive and, dare I say it, relevant in today's "big flavour" market; after all, we are in flavour country now!

I taste of honey malt, have a slight bitterness so as not to distract from the hop's flavour and aroma which is reminiscent of the soft, fruity New Zealand character; obviously it's not as in-yer-face as Nelson or suchlike, but it does have an intriguing tropical fruit to it and a citrussy, dry bitterness.

So, give me a go and see for yourself!  To do that you'll have to be at the Hopcraft "meet the brewer" event at the marvelous Nag's Head, Russell Street, Reading from 19:00 Wednesday where you can see Gazza, Tom and work your way through a dozen Hopcraft beers; go on, you know you want to...  see you there.

Behind the bar at the Nag's...

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