Friday, 4 July 2014

New beers coming soon!

Three new beers which are brewed and are currently treading their way through the brewing process are "Blanc Expression", "Slave to the Wage" and "Day of the Lords".

Blanc Expression is a European pale ale with Munich malt to add a soft grainy body allied to European hops in the form of Czech Vittal and German Brewer's Gold.  Dry-hopping comes in the form of a very new German aroma hop, Hallertauer Blanc, which promises fruity, Pacific-style character; they did smell very nice going into the conditioning tank, but we'll have to wait and see if they deliver on aroma!

Slave to the Wage which has been knocking around for a few months in  recipe development but has now emerged, butterflyesque from it's cacoon, blinking into the sunlight.  It's a pale brew with lots of lovely fruity, tropical South Pacific hops such as Kohatu, Green Bullet and Sticklebract which should result in a mellow yet hop-forward fruity little number...

The latest in Gazza's Joy Division series, done principally as the clips are easy to make (!), is yet another where the luscious mango fruitiness of the Citra hop is used alongside a carefully chosen lupulous compatriot, in this case the fabulously winey, tropical Nelson Sauvin.  Together they should make something a little bit special befitting of this series of beers which has had some very good feedback thus far.

We have also brewed the latest version of Mosaic Plus, Reign of Terroir which has already been blogged about (keep up!) so look out for those very soon.

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