Friday, 11 July 2014

Paperwork and Planning

Is what I've been doing today.  Paperwork in the form of invoicing, orders, stock control, that kind of thing, although I've still yet to manage to type in the backlog of cask numbers and where they've gone... !

Planning has consisted of trying to plan some beers for the month ahead; so far, provisionally at least, we have a Rye beer, one with all the hops added at the same point in the boil, a re-run of an old favourite "Napoleon Complex" plus some more which are still on the drawing board.

This week we only brewed once, but it should be a pretty damn good one going on the smells drifting out of the fermenter where it's just begin it's fermentation....

Next week should see the brewing of "Nelson Plus" which, as you'd expect, is full of lovely winey, fruity, tropical Nelson Sauvin in both the copper and dry-hop; can't wait for that one!

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