Monday 14 July 2014

New casks!

We can't really afford em, but you can't sell beer without it being in a barrel and ecasks cost a bit too much (£6.40+vat) to use too many.... so, meet the first vanload (50) of our latest batch of Brewery Plastics casks!

These turquoise lovelies should mean we can get more beer into cask and therefore sell more; we've been really struggling for empties recently and this 100 should ease the shortage although, in reality, we really need another 200 at least and, at £31 each, they're not cheap (although half the price of steel casks).  Still, these should help ease the precarious cask situation immeasurably.

We also have 6 pins which, despite being the same price as the 9's, are pretty much essential as some pubs like stronger beers to be in them plus we can cask up any "bin-ends" and either blend them or sell them as a pin to whoever wants one!  They're also useful for testing out ideas such as pellet dry-hopping or other such bizarre ideas...

New casks in the van

And pins, too! (20 litre casks)

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