Monday, 7 July 2014

This week we are mostly...

... sending out and delivering beer, brewing "Slave to the Wage" and a million and one other things which most people think just magically happen (or wouldn't even think exist) but still take time; for example changing Peracetic in the CIP tanks, printing cask labels, taking gravity readings on beer in the FVs, writing recipes, working out what ingredients we'll need to brew for the next few weeks, emailing/contacting customers selling beer, updating the sales sheet.... and so on.  You get the idea.

Here's a pallet which I assembled today and has departed to London on the overnight Pallex run; all lovingly wrapped, strapped and sealed, only now do I see I've got the bottom cask pointing the wrong way with the shive (round white thing, nearest cask on bottom row) pointing outwards!  This is bad for 2 reasons, 1 if it blows out then it might hit someone/something and 2 if it's knocked it might also blow out, so I'm hoping it gets there in one piece.

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