Thursday, 12 February 2015

Collab brew with Crafty Devil

Today we hosted Adam from Cardiff's latest micro brewer, Crafty Devil of Canton, when we cooked up what should be a right tasty Red IPA together.  The brewery was positively seething with people as Jay and mate Gav were also in attendance, meaning Gazza could actually deal with emails and sort out some paperwork rather than digging the mash!  Well, that's his excuse for lazing about...

Anyhow, the resulting beer should be around 5.5% and it's definitely red, a difficult thing to achieve in beer believe me!  It's hopped with Centennial, Amarillo and Columbus and will be dry-hopped with Citra and more Columbus to give a very hoppy, bitter and well tasty brew!  As is par for the course it's not got a name as yet but there's loads of time for that.

Jay and Adam mash in

About to start breaking up the hops.... Gav, Gazza and Adam

Jay and Adam with the mash

Adam digs out the mash

A tasting session whilst the transfer was on!


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