Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Today in pictures

Here's a couple of photos from today!  

We casked up (racked) 45 9's of beer plus 4 kegs, washed out the tanks, then took the opportunity of an early finish to clean all the conditioning tanks with a full caustic wash.  I also secondary fined (protein finings, it takes out excess protein from the "green" beer to prevent haze) Millennium Bug ready for transferring to CT tomorrow, then it was time for some paperwork and invoice chasing.... rock'n'roll.

Tomorrow we're brewing a pale ale with Aussie / New Zealand hops which doesn't even have a name yet - as per usual!  We'll think of something...

Hop pellet trub at the bottom of a conditioning tank after casking up the beer

I call this "sunlight on casks" !

This will be going into conditioning tomorrow with dry-hopping.

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