Friday, 6 February 2015

Yet more obscure music references

The extra-pale "Mid-Atlantic pale ale" we brewed yesterday with all South Pacific hops, namely Green Bullet for it's chewy hedgerowy berryness and Waimea for a pineapple and tropical fruit hit, is now in FV1 and about to begin it's primary fermentation.  

So, we needed a name... various things had been suggested along the lines of Vic, seeing as the finishing hop is new Aussie superstar Vic(toria's) Secret - which had to be renamed save anyone thought that instead of hops they were buying frilly knickers - but nothing quite worked for me.

Then, Gav (who was helping us out) brought in some industrial CDs, one of which was Lard (look em up!) and after I'd remembered just how good they were the name jumped out at me... OK, it's not your usual nicey-nicey name and some people won't like it, but hey.... sometimes being bleak and depressing is the only way, even more so with the Soviet panelacky and high-impact font on the clip.

Look out for it in a few weeks in the usual places when it'll be dazzling you with it's super-pale colour and big hoppiness for sure!

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