Friday 1 May 2015

Brewing next week!

I'm happy because next week we're brewing one of my favourite beers, one which is still pretty unique from my experience, and one which always goes down well.

What is it you ask?  It's Graveyard Eyes, our Sorachi Ace porter, that's what! I've been playing with the recipe as I don't think we had the bitterness and hop flavour right last time, so hopefully I've nailed that with the lovely Polish Junga hops rather than the slightly too hedgerowy Green Bullet.  The malt grist is pretty much the same as last time, although we're using Propino malt this time, along with loads of lovely Weyermann Carafa Spezial 1 and 3 de-husked chocolate malt.  We owe a gratitude to Dean Roberts, long-time friend and beery colleague, as Gazza copied the idea from one of his homebrews!

Also, as it went so well last time and people have asked for it - plus I quite liked it too! -  we're extending the brew to 12 barrels (around 2300 litres) to make a tankful of Gazza and Jay's Maple Porter!  This will be available first as it isn't dry-hopped, and will also be available in keg as we think that dispense suits it very well.

Have a good worker's weekend everyone, keep the hoppy faith...

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