Tuesday 19 May 2015

Double it, maybe double it again?

That's what is happening with our bottling at present!

We started by bottling a single cask into 330ml bottles (we get about 120 bottles per cask) but soon decided that this just wasn't enough and so went to two casks of each beer, or about 240 bottles which gives 13 cases of bottles.

We're now at the point, a mere 4 months into the project, when we may have to start bottling at least 3, maybe 4, nines of each beer; this is 162 litres or 1 brewer's barrel (an eighth of the total batch) and will be getting on for 500 bottles!  We'll probably try 3 casks first, but even so the growth of sales in bottles - and, to be fair, kegs too - has surprised us immensely, although several people did say we'd soon be overwhelmed with demand... Sue from Waen Brewery was right!

So, expect to see more of our bottles around very soon as they're now on their way to wholesalers, but even so they'll still remain  a fairly small part of our output... albeit a growing one which we're keen to encourage.

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