Saturday, 16 May 2015

Two more favorites return!

Here at Hopcraft towers we've got rebrew fever!

Put that down to lack of inspiration in new recipes if you want - you'd be wrong! - but the fact is that drinkers and customers have been asking for some of our beers again.  Top of the list seems to be our gloriously fruity display of the luscious Vic Secret hop "Mate Spawn and Die" (which will re-appear shortly, we promise) but, first, we have two very different beers in case you missed them first time around or liked them so much you want them again...

First up is a variant on Graveyard Eyes (our chocolatey Sorachi Ace porter) "Gazza and Jay's Maple Porter" where we take a 700 litre tank of Graveyard and then add Maple Syrup flavouring to it as well as, when casking/kegging/bottling, yet another squeeze of maple syrup goes into the containers (although not the bottles, that would take way too long....)

If there are any requests for rebrews then let us know, and we'll consider them!  Some beers will never be brewed again for various reasons, but there are plenty we are either planning to make again or are in the "maybe" pile so are ripe for suggestion!

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