Saturday 16 May 2015

Something old, something new.

That's what we have brewed this week!

Well, okay, this new brew of "Deutsch Projekt" is the same recipe as the previous two, but this time it will showcase the third new German hop, the exotic-sounding Hallertauer Blanc, which promises Nelson Sauvin-esque nuances; I'm not convinced, having used a small amount before, but this time there is a lot more (150% more to be exact!) in the conditioning tanks so we'll see...

The other is a beer which always sells really well when it's released, probably owing something to it's sessionable strength and uncompromising hop character!  "Temple of Love" is a golden brew with Cascade, Chinook and Summit hops (we couldn't get any Belma which were in the original brew but hey ho, Summit and Chinook are a good alternative) and should give equally as good a result.  Temple has been so popular that we may even make it a permanent beer... although maybe that's going a bit far for a brewery which never wanted a permanent beer range! 

Next week we'll be brewing up another repeat, this time it's the super-pale and super-citrussy "Party Line", full of Cascade and Centennial lemon/limey goodness... 

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