Thursday, 17 September 2015

It's Green Hop time again!

Next week, despite me saying we'd never do it again, we're brewing a "green hop" beer.  In case you don't know what this is, the term is taken to mean unkilned hops fresh from the hopyard and used in less than 24 hours from picking to maintain their freshness.  Americans call these "wet" hops which sounds like a recipe for confusion with dry hops!

This year we've been offered a very rare 20kg picking of Bramling Cross from Ledbury, arguably the UK's most characterful "old" hop variety, (discounting new ones such as Jester) and so felt duty-bound to accept... after all, we always like to try different things and this is a chance to use a very rare "green" version of this hop.

As per last year, we'll be cutting it with lovely US Chinook to fill in some of the flavour holes which green hops have, but overall the character of this beer will be Bramling Cross!

Last year's clip, but you get the idea....

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