Wednesday, 16 September 2015

New wooden barrel.....

After the vague success of our now deceased (well, beer-wise anyhow, it now lives in the lobby of Hopbunker!) mammoth "double hogshead" cask we've acquired a new one to play around with... although this one is much, much smaller and much cuter!

Say hello to our new cask which I think is Acacia wood (although don't quote me on that) and is a mere 50 litres or so.  We've filled it with Spanish Main (our 5.8% Jamaican Stout) today and we'll see what magic it imparts to this over the next month or so... we've already named the beer "el barril del Diablo" or "The Devil's barrel" for reasons known only to us... 

If this experiment results in something palatable then look our for the very limited results in our bar in Cardiff, Hopbunker, or you may be lucky enough to score a bottle of it.  Very lucky indeed as there won't be much about.

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