Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Final racking (casking) of 2015!

It's almost breaking up time!

Today we transferred 650 litres of "Profits of Doom" into conditioning tank 8 where it'll stay until the new year; it'll then be dosed with 4kg of crushed Ferrari's coffee to make it a coffee milk stout, a sub-style which is getting very popular at the moment and Gazza is convinced will work really well with this brew.

The rest went into cask and keg with most being as brewed although 5 casks had coconut flavouring added to them to give a luscious complex flavour; we'll also be bottling some of this too!  So, there will be 3 variants of this brew, and I'm hopeful they will all be lovely in their different ways....

Tomorrow we're casking up the final tanks of "The Boss" and "We Come in Peace" as the first tanks almost sold out in a day last week; once that's done, we flush out the tanks, tidy up and that's it - us done until new year - although one or both of us will be popping by to make sure everything is OK, and Gazza has a few deliveries to make too.

So, if this is the last post of the year (maybe...!) may I wish all our customers, suppliers and drinkers a massive thank you and please keep the hoppy faith - good beer is for life not a passing fad!

CHEERS!!  Gazza and Gav.

All the FVs are empty, this only happens once a year!

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