Monday, 14 December 2015

Milk Stout!

I'm not sure the "milk stout" category is that well know these days outside the beer enthusiast community (where there have been a lot made recently, generally with added salt and caramel and/or other undesirable flavours) but it's about time it was, as it's a historic beer style which deserves a lot more interest from the more "normal" beer drinkers.

So, what makes a "milk" stout then?  The simple answer is the addition of lactose powder, a sugar derived from milk - see, it does make sense!  The reason milk stouts are sweet is that lactose isn't very fermentable by brewer's yeast and a decent percentage of the sugars remain in the beer giving it a thick, luscious body and sweet taste which is ideal for balancing with other flavours such as coffee, coconut, chocolate and dozens more; it's a very versatile beer!

Our brew will be split into two variants with one tank being the "straight up" version and the other dosed with coconut or coffee - we've not decided yet - which will give the finished beer a big boost of flavour to go with the existing toasted, roasty stout character.

What of the name?  Well, it's our take on a track by Type O Negative, and also a very thinly veiled comment on the current gung-ho policy being taken by parliament.

So, look out for this brew in early 2016 and, as usual, all feedback is very welcome; cheers!

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