Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Warm room construction

With the cold days drawing in we've begun construction of a warm room for our bottle-conditioned beer to enable the yeast to continue to condition and develop the CO2 from the added sugar to carbonate the beer; last winter we'd only just begun bottling and weren't taking it too seriously, but now we are bottling a bit more we want it to be of consistent quality and the only way to ensure it we achieve the required carbonation level is to keep the yeast nice and warm!

Yeast (well, the yeast we use, US05) is a fussy critter and likes to be kept within a certain temperature range else it sulks and either goes to sleep (below about 15c) or starts producing weird flavours and dies (over 25c) meaning to get the best from it the bottles containing the beer and added sugar (for the yeast to feed on and make the CO2 required) must be kept as close to 20c as we can.

Using insulation board and a wooden framework we're building a simple warm room (and office next door to save Gazza freezing to death doing the duty returns in Winter) as can be seen in the pictures below; I'll add more to show work progressing!

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