Wednesday 17 July 2013

Cold store delivered...

We never thought we'd get it out of the ramshackle industrial unit in Aston, we really didn't... but, with the help of a superb forklift driver and a bit of brute force, as you can see we did!

It's a 23-foot ex-lorry cold container which we'll use to store the beer once it's been casked/kegged up to free up conditioning tank space.  It's a bit tatty at present but, with a good jetwash and lick of paint, it'll look the business, plus the aircon unit is almost new which was almost worth the price of the container!

Clearance, what clearance?

Maneuvered into position...

Attaching the HIAB straps...

Winching it up... (what's the load of a pallet truck, by the way?)

Secured on the truck

And finally at it's new home!

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