Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tidy bitter is in the cask!

Our first full-scale brew is in cask!

Yesterday we racked Tidy Bitter into 31 brand new steel casks (hired ones, as you can see!) and transferred Spanish Main to conditioning tanks for a week of flavour development (it has plenty already, believe me!).

So, as you can imagine, within a few weeks we'll have a range of beer to sell and will start to take it out to pubs both nearby and further afield; we've already had some good interest and have sold a surprising amount of all the beers thus far!

So, no brewing next week as we get our cold store and sales sorted out, then after that everything will ratchet up as we begin to brew and sell full-time.

Exciting times!

Portal to another dimension... or the valve at the bottom of CT7?

The first casks of Tidy bitter are racked!

And, a mere 45 minutes later, we have 31 casks filled!

"The public want what the public get" starts it's fermentation in FV1.

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