Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Redneck" American Red is in FV2...the 1st month anniversary brew!

Today we brewed yet another one-off, this one vaguely in the American Red style (I say vaguely as we used Weyermann malts for colour and flavour not the usual crystal which Yanks seem to be addicted to in a bizarre obsession with creating "balance" and "body" in their beers) with Columbus, Nugget, Citra and Cascade, it'll be about in a couple of weeks and around 4.5%.

This was our 7th brew and exactly a month to the day since our first one!  As it's only now the beers are beginning to emerge you can see we don't exactly rush them... dry hopping in the tank with pellets and/or hops for a long enough period, under a CO2 blanket, is the way we give our beers their pungent hop aroma - the wait is worth it!  Call it craft, call it doing things the American way, call it what you want; we won't release a beer we wouldn't drink ourselves and, thus far, all have passed muster!

Well, it's red alright....

Weyermann Chocolate Wheat malt ready for "sparging over"... 

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