Wednesday 10 July 2013

Delivering beer for the first time!

Today was spent delivering beer to Bristol, picking up our repaired pump and scouting out potential new places to hawk our wares.

Surprise of the day was just how amazing the beer range at the Barley Mow (Barton Rd, St Phillips) was with eight cask and ten keg on sale giving one of the best beer ranges I've seen in the UK for a long time - a session there is calling!

We also dropped at the Bag o' Nails and Arbor (for the Three Tuns festival next weekend) and chatted to landlords at other pubs where we're hopeful of getting some business in the next month.

So, we're finally getting out beers into the market and it feels good; next stop tomorrow are some local pubs, mainly Tidy Bitter.

Next week should see us brew twice, we've not decided what exactly as yet but there's a strong possibility they will include an American Red and a pale brewed with the new French hop Triskel.

No photos today, we forgot to take any... so you'll have to make do with this picture of Malcolm.

Malcolm lives at the Bag o Nails in case you didn't know...

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