Friday, 12 July 2013

Conditioning tank washing and beer transfer...

Today we've been doing some of the mundane tasks that most people don't know happen in a brewery; it's not all sprinkling hops into a copper, swanning around pretending to be a celebrity brewer and drinking free beer you know!

It was time to transfer our 5th brew "The Public wants what the Public gets" from FV1 to conditioning tanks 5 and 6 which means going through the cycle of rinse/caustic wash/rinse/peracetic rinse/CO2 flush on the tanks so the beer you transfer is installed into a sterile environment as possible, one with a CO2 blanket which stops oxidation and keeps the beer lovely and fresh whilst it matures for a week or two.

We've also beer racking beer for delivery next week in Birmingham.

And look at those goggles, eh... quality PPE that is!

Sprayball in action...

Holding the caustic sprayball just in case it jumps out... !

I'm inordinately proud of my new goggles...

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