Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Another side of running a brewery

Most people think that running a brewery is all fun and games; you make beer, drink beer then make more beer... sadly it's not really like that at all; there's the never-ending cleaning, maintenance, paperwork, sales, admin, invoicing, planning, cask management, buying and.... driving miles in a van to deliver beer and pick up empties!

Most of that isn't a lot of fun, but then you don't get into brewing unless you're in it for the love of it; those who are in it for the money soon learn the brewer's law of "the best way to make a big pile of money in brewing is to start with a massive pile of money"...

Anyhow, here's my view when delivering a load of beer to Chris at the superb Craven Arms in Birmingham on Monday morning and picking up the empties from last time.... 

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