Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kegging is growing...

If you believe CAMRA (or the Brown Beer Society as I call them owing to their penchant for bland brown twig juice from 1970) then we're going straight to keg hell - where you're presumably forced to drink Watney's Red, clubbed repeatedly with CO2 cylinders and made to listen to / witness Morris Dancing on an infinite loop - as we dare to put beer into kegs.

Hmmmmm, well excuse me if I don't really give a toss.  To explain why, here's a few bullet points which you'd have thought any rational drinker with a vague inkling of beer knowledge would understand;
  1. The same beer goes into cask and keg, from the same tank
  2. The keg beer isn't fined so is arguably more real than cask, which is fined
  3. A CO2 blanket is used on our conditioning tanks so the cask beer might not be classed as real by CAMRA anyhow - I've not asked them so don't know and don't really care.
  4. The keg beer is passed through a 30 micron filter to remove hop solids but not flavour, protein or hop oils
  5. No pasteurisation is used on any beers
  6. Customers ask for keg, so we supply it; simple.
There are many more points but it's late, I'm tired, so that'll have to do for now... let's conclude by saying that we keg beer because people want it not because we're trying to bring down the real ale system in some way, and it's a lot more work than casking beer to keg it.

Craft keg, real keg, craught beer... whatever you call it it's here to stay; get used to it CAMRA and get with the times before you become totally irrelevant in the modern beer culture.


Sometimes the froth just can't keep itself in

Yes, it's a domestic water particulate filter, it works a treat!

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