Monday, 1 September 2014

Latest coffee (and vanilla) beer ready to cask

Who remembers our first coffee porter?  The one where we did 10 casks coffee, 10 vanilla and coffee and 10 vanilla, coffee and almond?  Course you do.

Anyhow, Gazza has brewed another coffee porter, this one much more complex in the malt department than the previous one, and it's currently sitting in tank now ready to cask up!  This time we're not bothering with the almond extract version as it was the most artificial tasting of the three (we use proper coffee and real vanilla bean extracts, the almond extract was apparently "real" but didn't really taste that way) so this time there are 15 casks of the coffee and 15 of the coffee/vanilla for sale; get em quick as they won't last long.

There will be one single cask of Amaretto flavour but this is already allocated to the "Not the Wantage beer festival" so if you want to try it you'll have to get yourself there from 26th til the 28th September... you know you want to.

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