Sunday, 14 September 2014

Testing 123

Last week we too delivery (well, I collected them) of some Dolium kegs to try out as our OWK - one-way keg, one of the new industry buzzwords!.

They are a traditional gas-on-beer keg with a plastic syphon tube rather than a spear; first impressions are they seem a bit flimsy and don't stack too well, but we'll give them a go and see.  Feedback from other brewers and landlords who have experience of them is mixed to say the least, but with EcoKeg apparently opening a factory in South Wales shortly we'll have plenty of other options soon.

The major upside over keykegs (apart from being about a fiver cheaper) is that they use standard sankey connectors so they're, to use a phrase from my old career, "plug and play" with existing cellar equipment.

Anyhow, here's what one looks like....

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