Tuesday, 8 March 2016

20 barrels of beer and a meet the brewer!

That's this week in a nutshell!

We're brewing a "big" batch of "Temple of Love" on Tuesday as the last batch sold out in record time thus making Temple, by default, the nearest thing we have to a permanent beer in our range.... as it was originally devised as a low ABV one-off hoppy pale ale it's success has surprised us no end, but as it's well liked by the brewing team - both for it's brewing process and flavour - we're not complaining!

The second brew on Wednesday is a new one-off Oatmeal stout in remembrance of the local coal mining industry which was deliberately laid waste by Thatcher.  "Aur Du" (which translates as Black Gold in Welsh, one of the local names for coal) contains 9% oatmeal and 12% dark grains to give a big, toasty stout with a smooth edge, brewed with Polish hops to commemorate the link between our region and the coal mining area of Silesia in southern Poland which still has working coal mines, for now...

Then, on Thursday, Gazza is off up the M6 to Preston for a meet the brewer at the Moorbrook pub; these events aren't very common as Gazza is usually much too busy procrastinating to actually do any promo work, so make the most of it.... the running order should be various beers with the story behind each one, then some food - hopefully the pub's famous pies!  See you at the hop....

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