Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Brewing with UK hops this week!

You heard me right, UK hops....

Well hang on a minute, isn't that Fuggles & Goldings?  Erm... no, it isn't, and rest assured I'd only use those rancid bracts ironically or as part of a collab, but these are dead good UK hops, probably the two best on the market at the moment.... Olicana and Jester.

Both are products of the Charles Faram breeding programme and both show very un-UK characteristics in their makeup, with Olicana having a subtle passionfruit and mango character (think Citra lite) whereas Jester have a big, brash bold soft tropical fruit hit similar to some of the New Zealand hops such as Riwaka.... so between them we should have something pretty good!

We're using "normal" UK malt (rather than the low-colour or super pale we normally use) for the brew to give a more traditional character, but that's it as far as tradition goes as we'll be piling in the hops with our normal "hop burst" approach with 95% of the copper hops going in during the last 20 minutes and a 5kg charge of dry-hop in the conditioning tanks.... 

So, here's hoping something interesting comes out of this little experiment, something distinctly British but with a new-world edge.... bring it on!!

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