Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sorry - been busy!

Apologies for the lack of updates, but we've been really busy / away from the brewery / far too busy to update the blog / etc etc etc.....

Anyhow, I promise to update it more often in future, whenever I can, so here's a little about what we've been doing this last few weeks...

Gazza has had (and still has) manflu.... yes, that's right, even brewers get it!  This has rather drained the creative and motivational juices which is one of the reasons not much has been updated recently, amongst others... so now you know.

We had to postpone last weeks' brew of Bunker Gold owing to said manflu (and not really needing to brew) but we've brewed it today and tomorrow is the turn of perennial favourite "Citra Plus" which has finally settled on a winning recipe and, as long as the Citra hops are luscious enough, should be blasting a bar near you soon.  We've had an order from a wholesaler for 12 casks of this so may have to brew it again pretty soon afterwards!

Next week we may be having a play with the new UK Jester hops and seeing how they perform alongside something like Cascade or Chinook.

Then Gav is off for 2 weeks so Gazza will be making do on his own with random helpers to tide us over; we may have a collab to brew with Phil from Twt Lol whilst Gav is away which has been pencilled in as a Red IPA with lots of US hops, before a return collab which will be a pale brew hopped with NZ fruity hops.

More news as it happens!

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