Thursday, 3 March 2016

First they came for the Miners.....

.... and now it's the turn of the Steelworkers, albeit this time in a case of deliberate non-intervention rather than deliberate and intentional destruction, but the result will be the same; whole communities left desolate, people unemployed with no hope of finding another job, mass migration of the young to find work leaving dying communities.  We've seen it before, it'll happen again very soon, and at the hands of the Tories yet again, the party of the rich and the elite.

Anyway, to make sure the coal industry of the Valleys isn't forgotten, we're brewing an oatmeal stout in honour of those brave men who powered the industrial revolution and were then declared surplus to requirements in the shiny new world of services rather than manufacturing, and made the scapegoat of a war against the trade union movement.  

This one's for every miner and now, sadly, every steelworker.... 

The policies of this government are clear – to destroy the coal industry and the NUM. – Arthur Scargill

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